Palm Trees and Poison

Sunshine, Palm Trees, and … Poison? Must be Tuesday at the Enchanted Coast!

Summer rush is in full swing, and Destiny has her hands full. She’s started training a new tiki manager, but when a vampire she’d booted from the bar turns up dead, things take a turn for the bizarre. Vampires aren’t easy to kill, and this one has none of the standard causes of death.

As Destiny digs deeper into her bar manager’s background to clear her, things start to get sticky. Not only had she lied about her experience, she’d lied about who he was. Now Destiny has to make a decision to follow her gut and trust a liar or turn over a woman she thinks is innocent despite a mountain of evidence.

Join Destiny, Tempest, and her crew of mermaids, witches, werewolves, and other magical folks on another witchy adventure at the Enchanted Coast Resort!