Tegan Maher

Paranormal Mystery Writer
Witches of Keyhole Lake

Sweet Murder

What’s a witch to do when the meanest man in the county drops dead in his coleslaw during her shift at the local barbecue joint? Noelle does what any good Southern girl would do: she flicks a wrist to clean up the mess, then thanks the stars for doing the world a favor. She should have known nothing’s that easy.


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Murder to the Max

Granted, being murdered first thing in the morning would make anybody cranky, but when local contractor Max Wheeler meets his unnatural end, he takes it more personally than most.

Cranky ghosts, sticky-fingered vagabonds, and disappearing food keep the gossip wheel churning, but Noelle’s about to lose her mind.

Is it really too much to ask that people stop killing each other long enough for a witch to get some work done?

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Murder So Magical

Keyhole Lake has its fair share of oddballs and ne’er-do-wells, but sometimes even good folks do bad things, right? At first, the crimes seem to stem from desperation or teenage rebellion, but when the president of the ladies’ auxiliary is busted stealing church funds, Noelle starts to piece together a pattern that points to a much more nefarious – and magical – explanation.

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Mayhem and Murder

A horse is a horse, right? Maybe in most places, but not in Keyhole Lake, because nothing is ever that simple.

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Murder and Marinade

Barbecue, craft fairs, and murder? Just another weekend with the Flynn witches.

When the main judge at a barbecue competition turns up murdered with a barbecue fork, it seems everybody’s a suspect, including Bobbie Sue and Earl. Meat’s not the only thing being grilled as they look more and more like the prime suspects.

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Hook, Line, and Murder

Moonlight, a handsome man, and … a dead body? Definitely not what Noelle expected when she cast off with Hunter to do a little romantic night fishing.

The identity of the murdered girl is a mystery, and the only clue they have is a ring she was wearing on a chain around her neck. The case runs out of control as politicians’ names start popping up, and Hunter has to wonder if a cover-up is afoot.

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Murder of the Month

Wine is great, but having it delivered right to your house is awesome, at least until it kills you.

When one local woman dies, Hunter writes it off as natural causes, but when another dies the same way, he realizes they may have shared more than just a monthly wine membership.

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Makeovers and Murder

The winter doldrums have everybody in a funk, so Coralee decides a pre-spring makeover special is just the thing to lighten the mood. When her high school rival comes back to town, just as catty and mean as she was as a teenager, the first place she goes is to the Clip N Curl, with the sole purpose of making Coralee see red.

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Southern Fried Murder

Funnel cakes are delicious, but are they truly to die for?

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Murder in the Mansion

Marybeth has decided it’s time to clean up the bad side of Keyhole Lake, but when she finds a dead body in her new, rundown mansion, she has to wonder if she’s bitten off more than she can chew.

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Mudflaps and Murder

With her little sister off to college and her powers all over the map, Noelle’s struggling to find her footing. When her friends decide to treat her to a relaxing, fun-filled weekend of camping, truck pulls, and grilled food, she’s all in.

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Murder Without Mercy

For a hundred years, Keyhole Lake’s Fourth of July Festival and Barbecue Cook-Off has drawn people from all over the south, and this year’s no exception. Historically, though, some have been better than others for Noelle and crew.

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Murder at Midnight

Unicorns aren’t real. Are they? Only if you’ve been trapped in your own dream by a witch who wants you dead.

Witch Noelle Flynn is finally settling into a new routine. She’s engaged to the best guy on the planet, her shop is doing well, and she’s picked up a few hobbies. Even her smart alleck donkey’s been unusually optimistic. In fact, everything’s just peachy until a local realtor turns up dead behind Fancy’s, Noelle’s favorite dive bar.

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Murder in the Mountains

When a weekend getaway turns deadly, Noelle and Hunter have to solve the mystery before anyone else ends up dead.

Everything is peachy for Noelle. Her business is clicking right along, her family is healthy and happy, and all her doubts about taking things to the next level with Hunter were for nothing. The only tiny complaint she has is that she’s been burning the candle at both ends and needs a break. When Hunter surprises her with a weekend getaway to her favorite cabin in the mountains, she can’t wait to get away for some fishing, four-wheeling, and front-porch sitting.

As usual, though, trouble finds her when she goes out for a peaceful morning walk and stumbles over the body of a missing hiker. With his girlfriend still missing, Noelle and Hunter rush to find her before she, too, falls victim to the mountain murderer.

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Marriage is Murder

As if getting ready for a wedding isn’t bad enough, somebody had to go and kill the crazy uncle.
Noelle’s rushing back and forth trying to be the best maid of honor she can. The dress is fitted, the cake is ordered and the invitations are sent. Now all she has to do is plan the bachelorette party and await the big day, or so she thinks.

Three days before the wedding, Anna Mae’s uncle, an eccentric, irritating man on the best of days, winds up dead. With Noelle’s favorite uncle at the top of the witness list, Noelle and crew have to work fast to figure out who really did it before the whole wedding ends up a wash.

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Witches of Keyhole Lake Novellas

Bubble, Bubble, Here Comes Trouble

Halloween is supposed to be fun, right? It’s Flynn family tradition to host Keyhole Lake’s annual Halloween party. This year, Noelle is in charge and she’s about to lose it. Between forgetting to pick up the candy and trying to work around a histrionic, living-impaired aunt, things are spiraling out of control fast.

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Witching for a Miracle

What do you get when you combine magic and teenage attitude? A witch stuck in a snow globe, that’s what. Shelby Flynn’s tired of being treated like a kid and when she finds herself in trouble for yet another simple mistake, she wishes for a perfect life.

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Moonshine Valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Noelle has no idea what to get for Hunter. While she’s getting her hair cut and tossing around gift ideas, Coralee’s long-term boyfriend pops in and declares his undying love via a marriage proposal, breaking rule numero uno of their relationship clause.
He’s only the first to fall, though. When the men of Keyhole Lake start acting like lovesick lunatics, Noelle and Rae have to put their heads together to figure out what happened before the whole town goes loopy in love, or someone ends up in jail.

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Cruise Ship Caper

Sunshine, massages, and drinks with little umbrellas in them. That’s what cruises are all about, right? Maybe, unless you’re a witch with a habit of finding trouble.

When Noelle and crew go on a cruise to celebrate the death of the town’s biggest bully, they find themselves in the middle of a robbery gone awry.

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Enchanted Coast Mysteries

The Deadly Daiquiri

What’s a witch to do when her boss turns up poisoned right after she’d wished him dead?

Witch Destiny Maganti loves working at a tiki bar on the Enchanted Coast, a beach getaway for paranormals. Between delivering drinks to mermaids and serving rare steaks to werewolves, she meets all sorts of interesting people. Plus, as a water witch, she’s right at home on the ocean.

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The Surfboard Slaying

A handsome faerie comes to the Enchanted Coast for a killer vacation, but nobody counted on it being literal.

When Marissa Clayton, a recently turned vampire struggling with her new identity, falls under suspicion, Destiny can’t just let her go down, especially when she knows for a fact the girl is innocent.

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The Lethal Luau

Sunshine, island music, and fabulous food – what else can a witch ask for? That is, until a Valkyrie’s best friend is murdered during an Enchanted Coast Luau.

Even though a man is found standing over the body, murder weapon in hand, Destiny Maganti – witch and bartender extraordinaire – knows he’s innocent. Valkyrie law is swift, though, so her window is closing fast.

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High Tide Homicide

Giants and fairies and murder, oh, my!

Life on the Enchanted Coast just got a whole lot more interesting. With expansions to the resort that include a wing for larger species – giants, to be exact – and a forest complete with fairy pools and cottages to attract woodland species, witch Destiny Maganti is facing a whole new influx of paranormal guests.

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Wickedly Ever After

Ever wonder where fairy tales are born? From divine reality, of course!

It’s Halloween, witch Destiny Maganti’s favorite holiday. Every year, she heads up the Enchanted Coast costume party, but this year, she’s been invited to the angels ball, a luxury affair that no mortal has ever attended. Though she’d much rather eat candy and hang out with Valkyries, faeries, mermaids, and selkies at her resort, she doesn’t have much choice. After all, it’s not every day that a real, honest-to-heaven angel honors you with an invitation.

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Mangroves and Murder

There’s nothing worse than finding a dead body when you’re trying to relax at a magical beach resort.

Witch Destiny Maganti loves bartending at the Enchanted Coast, but she’s in desperate need of a vacation. When a Kraken drags an entire lighthouse to shore and a group of werewolves start a brawl on her bar patio, she pulls off her apron, grabs her beach bag, and draws a line in the sand, calls her cousin Mila, and plans a weekend of fun in the sun.

She should have known it wouldn’t be that easy.

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Beachside Burglary

Life’s a beach, at least until a king’s crown goes missing.

Destiny’s been trying to hunt down a thief for a couple of weeks, but up ’til now, it’s been all small potatoes – sometimes literally. Since she’s certain it’s a local and suspects there’s a method to the thievery, she’s tried to keep it on the down-low in order to flush the petty criminal out. Once a mermaid king’s crown goes missing, though, Destiny has no choice but to come clean about the other thefts.

With an army of mermaids ready to rise and the resort’s reputation on the line, Destiny races to find the crown before somebody she loves ends up in a watery prison

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Cori Sloane Witch Mysteries

Howling for Revenge

A meddling mother, an ex who shows up out of the blue, and a centuries-old vampire with a God complex is enough to keep any girl busy.

Throw in being responsible for keeping the peace in her small southern town, and witch/werewolf hybrid Cori Sloane has so many plates spinning that she could put a circus juggler to shame.

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Dead Man’s Hand

When the body of a man closely connected to the founder of Castle’s Bluff turns up dead, clutching the notorious dead man’s poker hand, Cori must battle ancient vampire politics to bring the killer to justice. Cover-ups no longer cut it in her town, and she’s determined to bring order, even if it means defying orders straight from her pack alpha and the leader of the vampire community.

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Bad Moon Rising

When hikers find a body in a hunting cabin, the case seems cut and dried until the victim turns out to be the right-hand man to the alpha of a rival pack. Handling a paranormal murder case is tricky enough without a pack war looming on the horizon.

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Better Off Dead

When her childhood best friend turns up alive years after her supposed death, Cori is elated. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that Rhea isn’t quite the same person—or werewolf—she was though. When the body count starts rising and all the evidence points to her friend, Cori’s forced to take a second look at the woman who was like a sister to her.
Fortunately, Noelle Flynn, a witch from Keyhole Lake, Georgia, happens to be vacationing there and may be just the witch Cori needs to solve the murders … and hopefully absolve her friend before Rhea is sentenced to death. The only problem is that Cori isn’t so sure her friend is innocent.

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Dressed to Kill

Never trust a vampire in a Prada suit, especially if you find her ex dead in her trunk.

Life couldn’t be better for Cori Sloane. She has a fabulous boyfriend, her town’s prospering, and for once, the local supernaturals are all playing nice. Sure, she still has to deal with a family feud here and there, but that’s par for the course when witches, werewolves, vampires, and all manner of shifters live in the same town.

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Knock ‘Em Dead

When a local production of Romeo and Juliet turns deadly, Cori finds herself walking a tightrope between her town’s non-magical citizens and a group of shifters and vampires looking for justice.

As if dealing with dead actors, cranky shifters, and witches with attitudes isn’t enough, somebody starts pilfering items from local stores. The items all have one thing in common, but nobody pieces the puzzle together before it’s almost too late.

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Haunted Lodge Cozy Mysteries

Thyme to Kill

Toni Owens is at a crossroads. Divorced, low on funds, and unhappy with where she’s at in life, she decides to buy a lodge in the mountains and start over. When she arrives at her new home, she finds the grand lodge is a run-down mess. To make matters worse, she finds the one person she’s connected with standing over a dead body on her first full day in town.

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Shot Cross Buns

Toni Owens just wants to remodel her lodge and settle into her new home, but when Bear, her goofy dog, finds the body of the local feed store owner in the woods, she’s thrown once again into the midst of a mystery.

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Turnover and Die

When a beloved elder of the culinary community turns up dead at a cooking competition, it’s up to Toni and her new circle of friends to solve the mystery before an innocent woman goes to prison!

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Sconed to Death

Nothing dresses a B&B up like big, fluffy baskets of flowers, but when Toni finds the greenhouse owner face down in his petunias, she has to find the killer before she’s the one pushing up daisies.

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Breader Off Dead

Things are finally looking up for Toni. The lodge is almost finished, she has an amazing boyfriend, and the town she chose as her new home is turning out to be a dream come true. Now if people would just stop getting themselves murdered!

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Celestial Academy

Marked by Fate

My name’s Shelby Flynn, and I come from a long line of powerful witches. When I was sixteen, an angel supercharged my powers, told me I was destined for great things, then disappeared into the ether. What was I supposed to do with that?

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Bound by Fate

My name’s Shelby Flynn, witch, college student, and hot-tempered redhead, and I’m in way over my head.

I never set out to save the world, but it seems that’s the course Destiny set for me when an angel gifted me with magical powers beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Not that I mind being able to control the elements or blow things up with my mind, but a heads up about my future would have been fantastic. Instead, I fell through a magical doorway straight into the library of a secret academy ran by a fae and guarded by a three-headed hellhound and a talking, fire-breathing monkey named Stu. I realize how far out it sounds, but trust me – I couldn’t make it up if I tried.

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Paranormal Artifacts Cozy Mysteries

The Haunted Pendant

How was I supposed to know the town founders sank a trunk full of cursed objects?

Seriously, they should have at least put a warning label on it because had I known, I would have left it at the bottom of the ocean. But they didn’t, so I didn’t, and now we’ve set dozens of artifacts into the hands of the blissfully unaware non-magicals who live in our small town.

It’s not entirely my fault, though. Everything would have turned out fine had my pathologically organized sister not catalogued them and sent them to auction before I had a chance to test them for magical mojo. Now the items are scattered all over town, and I’ll have to track them down one by one.

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The Cursed Lantern

Burt Emerson was stubborn, rude, and ungrateful, but he didn’t deserve to die for it. Much, anyway.

Burt Emerson was one of the most contrary people the gods ever stretched hide over. He had it all – a great wife, a nice house, a corner office in a building he owned – but he took it all for granted. And then he turned up dead amid some bizarre circumstances. He’d reported his wife missing while she was standing right beside him, and claimed his grandfather’s watch had been stolen even though it was right there on his wrist. His partner said he wandered around the parking lot of their office building but never came inside.

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The Deadly Diadem

What kind of crazy witch curses a diadem to kill people? Apparently the kind that founds small beach towns and makes iced tea and finger sandwiches for cocktail parties. Why am I not surprised? This is, after all, the south.

I admit I messed up when I dragged a sunken treasure chest to shore. I’ll even take part of the blame for my obsessive-compulsive sister throwing them in an auction before I had a chance to check them for magical mojo. That doesn’t mean I should have to deal with snobby socialites and the weak-kneed weenies that bow at their Prada-clad feet. Especially when said socialite is dead.

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Murderous Mirror

Mirror, mirror in the hall, who’s the deadest of them all?

That’s the question of the day when a local actress turns up dead. I swear, if I could get my hands on the witches who sunk a treasure trunk full of cursed artifacts, I’d stab them with their own wands. They’re long gone, though, so the best I can do is clean up their mess and hope nobody else dies in the process. I consider myself lucky to have my best friend Eli, my snarky magical skunk, and a powerful yet mysterious man at my side to help, but this is the fourth time I’ve been too late finding one of the objects that my family accidentally loosed on our town. Something’s gotta give, but first I have to figure out which of our objects killed her, then do my best to get rid of the curse before somebody else ends up a victim.

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Abaddon's Gate Witch Mystery

The Witch’s Wrath

These old witches think they can come here and steal the youth from unsuspecting women? Not in my town, sugar. Hold my potion.

My name’s Mila Maganti, and I used to be content running my potions shop and spending my days off at the beach. That is until some crazy angel decided to break her demon boyfriend out of the Valley of Lost Souls and let way more than just one bad-boy spirit out in the process.

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Demon’s Debacle

Sometimes all a witch wants to do is stay in, make some pimple-clearing potions, and watch some TV. Is that really too much to ask?

Though Mila Maganti prefers running her fun little potions and lotions shop, somebody’s gotta slay the bad guys when nobody’s looking. When a warlock runs past her shop knocking over carts, pushing little old witches down in the street, and wreaking havoc on general, she writes it off to another weird day in Abaddon’s Gate. When one of her regulars falls under the same spell, she realizes something is afoot in her small but mysterious town.

Can Mila capture the mischief demon before somebody gets hurt?

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