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Witches of Keyhole Lake Series

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Enchanted Coast Magical Mystery Series

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I’ve teamed up with some of your favorite paranormal mystery authors to write four anthologies of magical stories that we hope you, our awesome readers, will love! You’ll find my stories, along with stories by authors, including M.Z. Andrews, Danielle Garrett, Ava Mallory, Regina Welling, Erin Lynn, Kathy Daley, Morgana Best, Pearl Goodfellow, Heather Horrocks, Ani Gonzalez, Sarah Bourgeois, Cate Lawley, April Aasheim, Ruby Blaylock, and Sonia Parin.



I was born and raised in the South and even hung my motorcycle helmet in Colorado for a few months. I’ve always had a touch of wanderlust and have never feared just packing up and going on new adventures, whether in real life or via the pages of a great book.

When I was a kid, I didn’t want to be a writer or even a doctor. I wanted to raise unicorns and be a superhero. When that gig fell through, I decided to create my own magical  worlds filled with mystery, adventure, and humor. I’m eternally grateful for the family, friends, and readers who help make my life what is today. No woman is an island.