Magnolias and Murder

Don’t let the fluffy gray hair and flowery hats fool ya – little old ladies are evil!

Things are clickin’ right along for Noelle and Hunter. They’re through a flurry of weddings, tourist season is over, and it’s finally time to settle in and enjoy the cooler weather of fall. They should have known no quiet moment goes uninterrupted, though!

While decorating for the annual Halloween festival, a close friend is found standing over the body of a member of the high-hatted Magnolia Club smack in the middle of the corn maze, murder weapon in hand. With the ladies of Keyhole Lake’s high society out for blood, Noelle and Hunter have to find the real murderer before the old hens flock together to send an innocent woman to jail.

Join Noelle, Hunter, and crew the 16th adventure in my sassy, snarky Witches of Keyhole Lake Southern Mysteries series!